On Vacation

Vacation Form

Buddy System

Vacation is best enjoyed like a Vacation! So put your mind at ease when you are away and give your client's the service they deserve. Put a Buddy in Place! 

Here is a great checklist and to use as a guideline to cover your business during your time away. 

  1. Send a letter to all your current clients two weeks prior to vacation outlining your out of office dates and who will be covering your business. Supply phone and email for who is covering for you. 
  2. Provide access to your buddy for all your current appFiles. This makes it super easy for everyone to contact your clients with pertinent information and access to all active files. 
  3. Change your outgoing voicemail message on all phones numbers. 
  4. Set up auto response on your email. 
  5. Fill out form for office staff so we know who is covering for you and email form to [email protected], prior to leaving. 
  6. Draft list of duties to be performed by Buddy and have all parties sign: 
    1. ​Take all incoming calls and inquiries - any new leads from current business (not in sphere) Buddy to take work and pay you a 25% referral fee. 
    2. Pay your buddy a referral fee for helping with past clients. 
    3. Handle all current activities on your listings, under contract agreements and any follow up. 
    4. Agree on the duties to be performed and the amount you will pay - anywhere from $500 to $1000 for the week depending on level of business to be covered is reasonable. ​